No One – Kevin Flournoy ft. Rebecca Jade (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

The list of music to which Kevin Flournoy can claim a stake, be it as a producer, keyboardist, songwriter or arranger, is so extensive that it is highly unlikely that you haven’t heard his work, you just may not have realised it. Under these various roles his output covers so many sounds and styles but here we find him hooking up with vocalist Rebecca Jade for a gorgeously infectious slice of pop-reggae with this re-imagined take on an Alicia Keys classic.

Lyrically it’s a wonderful declaration of love, a positive, euphoric vibe which sits perfectly on the naturally upbeat vibe that reggae is built on. Rebecca Jade’s voice is a joy to listen to, the music flutters gently rather than does anything more forceful, especially in the break down, and the additional toasting style vocals and staccato rhythms which wrap the song up add some unexpected turns. A reggae groove wearing a pop hat!

A charming collaboration, but then did you expect anything else from a man with such an impressive resume?

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