I Can See Clearly Now – The Side Deal (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Hopefully it won’t be too long before some level of normalcy begins returning to our lives after the isolation and difficulties of lockdown. And as it does we need to start looking at what silver-linings, what revelations, what moments of reflection we have learned from in that time, a change in our mindset  to take with us as we emerge blinking into a slightly different world. There is a train of thought suggesting that we now have plenty of opportunities to re-shape the world as we begin this fresh chapter, even if that just means small changes to our own, personal worlds. And if you need a soundtrack, a rallying cry, a point of inspiration to help with that then this is it.

You can’t keep a good song down and this one has been covered and re-recorded numerous times, everyone from Ray Charles to Hothouse Flowers since Johnny Nash first charted with it in 1972. Here it gets a wonderful new lease of life, a more up to date vibe and some great vocal arrangements. And as positive as the song is, the video matches it, a reminder of the fun hat we perhaps took for granted and have been missing, a reminder of the joys of our communities, our countries, our world and that life is for living. So live it well and perhaps help shape the future.

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