New Music of the Day – XXVIII: Now Those Days Have Gone – Shriekback

10933937_10153083722752953_1210432038776001117_nMercurial and intelligent as ever Shriekbacks 13th Album is one regular rotation here at Dancing Towers and so we though it only right to share the video for the opening track with you from an album we described thus …

“A new Shriekback album isn’t merely a chance to revel in some wholly original music; it is also a journey through some great lyrical landscapes. Here they seem meander between analogies of the modern world and darker futuristic predictions; that travel from looking for “an echo of a Bowie tune” in Berlin to a new world that lies beyond a Metropolis described in a Clockwork Orange style language of their own invention. A world inhabited with characters in equal measure Beat movement bit part, mythical being and William Gibson lowlife.”

Full album review can be found HERE

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