11069867_958453484167404_7895878585630407185_nWant to be part of the Cat Bear Tree story? The London three-piece who blend lo-fi DIY punk with dreamier indie-pop soundscapes are seeking crowd funding for their next e.p. Studio whizz Howard Redekopp who produced/mixed such luminaries as Tegan and Sara, New Pornographers and Mother Mother is lined up to mix it but first the appropriate funds have to be secured.

They have until 26th April to reach their campaign target and are asking for a pledge of any amount to help get them their. Pledgers can receive rewards such as digital downloads, merchandise, house gigs and more. More information can be found at the page HERE and at the video below.

Be part of this amazing bands story, be their record label and not only help some great music have an outlet but in doing so stick two fingers up to the powers that be who seek to control the way music is made.

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