AlbumArtThe Black Ryder have premiered their new video for “Let Me Be Your Light” from their forthcoming album “The Door Behind The Door” (due for UK release on 20th April 2015).

“The film for The Black Ryder’s “Let Me Be Your Light” focuses on the theme of survival and genetic memory. One character travels across mountains of time to pull another from a state of suspension, beautiful and addictive ~ yet ultimately destructive. The black vultures tell us that such state of abstraction foreshadows a nearby end of cycle. The birds point to the vitality and chaos created by the gene of survival encoded into the natural world. Our characters have suppressed it and instead carry it around, like dead weight against vast landscapes of time.” – Juan Azulay, video director

“Let Me Be Your Light” was written and conceived by Juan Azulay and The Black Ryder and it was shot with NY-based often-collaborating cinematographer Katelin Arizmendi. It was shot on location in California, Nevada and Florida.

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