31a6d3cd-78a5-4f6e-8af5-e9b1d4d861ff_3132016105039Whilst some bands seem to make a fuss about every aspect of their working lives to the point of a social media overload which shows them buying milk, walking their dog, eating lunch and other such earth shattering revelations, Talk In Code just seem to get quietly on with the business of having a career in music without too much fuss.

And it sort of matches their musical style, straight down the line, unashamed pop-rock that meanders between the radio friendly and soaring stadium highs, no musical stunts or gimmickry, just a no-nonsense approach to the job at hand which has seen them featured in Q Music as track of the day and seen them share stages with Amber Run and band of the moment Catfish and The Bottlemen.

And here we find them doing what they do best, weaving accessible melodies and pop hooks around strong back beats and groove laden rhythms.


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