12122518_444746932388375_1366464258305589270_nThere was just no way this one was not going to make the most resounding blip on my radar. Their cast list alone shows connections past and present to so many names which have steered my life along a certain musical path – Gunfire Dance, Walter Lure, Lords of The New Church, The Prefects, Swell Maps and The Nightingales to name but a few. Not only cool names to drop in the right circles but with a secret history of West Midlands underground music scene running through the centre of it.


After clocking those references you go into the album with certain expectations and it in no way disappoints. Raw garage rock deliveries, attitude dripping punk stances, post-punk melodicism and even pulsing rockabilly beats are fitted together, given a stripped back and sleaze-noir studio paint job to come bursting from the speakers like the sound track to a cult rock ‘n’ roll horror movie yet to be made.


It swaggers like the Stooges finest moments, drips with the glorious rock-gothique gloom of The Damned and between it all you can still hear the uncompromising urgency and bluster of Darren Birch’s former incarnation, the seminal and insane Gunfire Dance. This debut offering is nothing short of being a collection of gutter anthems, classics in the making from a parallel universe where the punk wars were won by the righteous, Nikki Sudden was not only still alive but Minister for Culture and Wayne Kramer was the focus of a major religion. Well, a boy can dream and these are the skewed and screwed up lullabys to help you visit that dark, scuzzy and wonderful place.

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