10575410_10153156710857847_5107314490543259389_oIt’s always a thrill to receive new music from Emily Barker and this new release finds her in brilliant form. Here is the video in her own words…


“Back home in the UK, today is the day Hector is released. It’s been a long road, and one that I’ve so much enjoyed being on, working with the wonderfully talented Jake Gavin – this is his first feature film – and my first full soundtrack – it’s so exciting to see it hitting the big screen all over the UK from today (it will also be showing in France and Australia, and with luck a few other countries too).

Along with the film, there’s also this video for the film’s title track ‘Anywhere Away’… I spent an afternoon with Jake filming my parts and he edited it in with scenes from the film – hope you enjoy it!”

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