FALSEHEADS-11Earlier False Heads releases have had reviewers reaching for references as diverse as The Pixies, The Stooges and the much maligned Underneath What (obscure reference inane effort to look knowledgable and edgy??) Steal and Cheat takes a much more expected line for a band signed to  Gary Powell’s 24-Hour Convenience Store label. With  the same mix of wistful abandonment and edgy danger as their bosses old band The Libertines and an ability to mix pop melodies with spiky garage band urgency reminiscent of The Buzzcocks they make a wonderfully unholy clatter.

If previously they have mixed a very English punk vibe with smatterings of American underground and 90’s college rock, Steal and Cheat is the band returning to their own neighbourhood of East London and telling tales of the dark underbelly of those familiar streets. This may be the more obvious musical territory based on their mentorship and geographical local but their previous musical canon has already shown them to be a very versatile,  diverse, intriguing and exciting band, so why not.

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