New Music of the Day : LXXIII – Dada For Spring Radio – Zita Swoon Group

189593_133769943361644_3544254_nA band who take creative inspiration from performances at Cabaret Voltaire (the venue not the band) nearly a hundred years ago are obviously the sort of band who are going to regard the equally wonderfully weird and mercurial Jezus Factory Records as the perfect outlet for their music. So a band who mix surrealism from another era with the creative explosion of 70’s new wave and particularly bands such as Talking Heads, Kraftwerk and Brian Eno is just another day in the office for the London based label.

Taken from their latest full length release Nothing That Is Everything, here the bands love of the avant-garde and multi-discipling approach blends costume and music, rhythm and poetry, mischief and confusion into a wonderful array that to assault the senses. And I mean assault in a good way,obviously.

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