New Music of the Day : LXXII – Apple Day – Joon Moon

Joon Moon Press Pic 0 @ Eric BeaupreJoon Moon are built on polar opposites. A Kansas City duo relocated to Paris, a modern pop sound seeped in smoky, classic traditions, young souls playing with old soul. Everything about the band are both right for the commercial music consumer yet wonderfully out of step with what the genre has become. This is pop  stripped to it’s bare bones, pop with the temporary lustful fixation replaced by a sensual sound built of love and longing. Pop without the pap  and if you put it under the microscope you would find that in place of notes and chords, beats and time signatures you would instead see that it was fashioned from late nights, half lit rooms, old soul records, lingering looks and unrequited attractions. Not the stuff that music is ordinarily made of, but then this is extraordinary music.

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