New Music of the Day : LXV – Baby 126 – Ruby Confue (the stripped back version)

11140339_920636837987503_8859784934580415496_nWe were pretty excited when the full colour, hi-fidelity version of this single landed in our in box and now this mellow version live from the Lighterthief Bunker takes the tune back to basics being performed by the core in house team of Stu Rowe and Cinzano Taylor and of course Ruby herself. It goes to show that even when you strip back all of the glitz and glamour of the Psychedelic Urban Circus there is still a cracking tune underneath, one that starts and ends with those important ingredients of groove and melody. If the original version is a big splash of summer colour, the party tune to groove too as the sun goes down, this new version is the one you have playing the next morning as the sun comes up and you head for home.

check out the original single HERE

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