11836719_862712050491014_2002381216837621298_nAs the first track from the forthcoming album, The Marvel Age, this sets the tone perfectly. With it’s roots very much in the folk genre it is layered with subtle textures to create a unique selling point. The song balances wonderfully between an upbeat vibrancy and a darker undertone, it’s accessible melody sparks with an almost pop sensibility and to top it all off Franc’s deep vocal tones have a gruff retro quality that casts a quick glance back to the rock ‘n’ roll age as it goes about it’s business.

And it’s business here is to document the travels of a restless soul, the tale of a quest to find freedom and the realisation that the answer lies in the journey itself, it’s better to travel well….as some bright spark once said. Franc paints in primary colours, describes the world in all its alchemical glory, the words his brushstrokes, the song his palette, the result a minor masterpiece. With Alchemy as a teaser, The Marvel Age can’t come quickly enough.

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