New Music of the Day – CXXXVIII: My Disregards – GagReflex

15317760_10157898760760344_2035805026323065951_nAn enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a conundrum wrapped in a fucking loud noise! A four-legged, melodic punk beast that not only brings a level of musical intricacy and detail to the genre but who pepper their lyrics with a much needed dose of social commentary.

It has always struck me that whilst reactionary music seems to grow out of disenfranchisement, social decay and tension – folk revivalists, New York punk, hip-hop, rave, first wave grunge etc, that with our world spiralling into war, corporate greed, nationalism and fear, there are no bands creating an alternate soundtrack for such dark times. Well, maybe there is after all and what better band to form the central hub of an angry but intelligent and questioning musical awakening.

(Also look out for fellow shouty two-piece punks Nick and Melia from Ghost of The Avalanche in cameo roles.)

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