New Music of The Day – CXXII : Burst – Vasa


I know as a musical commentator and judge and jury of the new music of the moment I should really be armed with up to the moment points of reference and fashionably astute observations but there is a lot in that guitar work that reminds me of Big Country. There I said it. It’s probably something to do with my age, but there you go. In it I hear the same soaring, shimmering, wide screen cinematic deliveries, that same Celtic-ness in the riffs, the same scope and grandeur.


Okay, this is that sound reimagined, repackaged and then threaded over a more intense back drop, one full of majestic post-rock tricks and polarized dynamics that take us from intense onslaughts right down to gentle atmospheric breaks but somewhere above the complex weaves of sound and intricate structures the spirit of Stuart Adamson seems to loom. Maybe there is something in the water, the air, the whiskey, the DNA, in their shared lowland Scotland…I don’t know. What I do know is that this is great.


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