LovedOnes-WithoutFaceartworkIf you want to get all scientific about things, we only see light because of the darkness around it. Maybe Without Face is such a powerful piece of music because it manages to strike a light whilst thinking too much about mortality. But rather than dwell on such dark thoughts they have created a slick and pulsing piece of electro-pop as a result.


On this record the band sit at a crossroads halfway between their lo-fi, rock past and  exciting alt-pop potential and crossed by a pathway running from ambient landscapes towards dance floor beats. It is here that they plant their own mid-tempo, ethereal pop flag, one which shows just how far they have travelled, musically speaking, between their debut album The Merry Monarch and recent release Harness. And if this what the band create when they are wrestling with difficult and disquieting thoughts, just imagine what they might be capable of producing on a happy day!


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