Growing Up So Fast – Flagship Romance (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

1397931583_P4016476Although slightly reminiscent of the simplicity and harmony of The Civil Wars, you could always tell that whilst making great music those two didn’t seem to be having a lot of fun. However, Flagship Romance, another partnership that crosses the musical boundaries into the real world, seem to love life and this song in particular pulls at sweet nostalgic threads and light pastoral folksiness and is reflective and celebratory rather than the wistful and melancholic that might be implied by the title.

It joins dots from 60’s folk revivalists through to the indie-folk gene splicing which is proving to be todays chart friendly commercial capital and as the first single from their forthcoming album, the wonderfully named Tales From The Self-Help Section offers a tantalising glimpse into their world. With a single this charming, the album is the must hear logical next step, surely?

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