My Buddy Balpil – Balpil (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

We truly live in a multi-media age. Music has often looked to video to enhance, explain and explores larger meaning or perhaps to just act as a shining beacon to draw in the curious casual listener. Today though the network between audio and visual and everything beyond seems to be a wonderfully expanded affair. Sound scores add energy to TV shows, the subjects of video games and comics are finding their way onto the movie screen, podcasts are becoming as important as books and anything created in one medium seems to be equally at home in another.

My Buddy Balpil is the perfect example of this. A song which acts as a snapshot for a whole, comic book world. A video which is a story in its own right but which feels like the trailer for a much bigger production. A life-affirming, positive message about balance, personal development and achievement. How much more meta, modern and multi-media could you ask for?

On the surface My Buddy Balpil is a cool blend of urban energy and addictive pop sweetness…hip-pop perhaps?…a message designed to resonate as keenly with those just starting out in the world as it will with those who have been navigating its strange and challenging ways for decades. It is light and accessible but loaded with meaning and wisdom.

And it is these hidden depths which are perhaps the best of the many layers found here. The song is predicated on the idea that people exist in a state of imbalance between physical, intellectual social and spiritual aspects, find the perfect balance of these and you will be the most successful version of yourself that you can be. The narrative then takes this idea and projects it onto society, throws in a dash of time travel, some warring factions and superheroes and you have the perfect story, one which is both sci-fi in its vibe but totally relevant to us to day, our society and the world in general.

It feels as if this is the outline to a whole new blockbuster storyline, where superheroes are imbued with saintly aspects and act as guardians and guides for society as a whole. A story arc which could easily jump from song and video to comic book, graphic novel, film, video game and TV series without missing a beat. But for now it is a neat video and a cool song, one which is grounded in a fantastic concept, one of balance and unity, respect and self-improvement. And that is a powerful and poignant message to be sending out in these dark and troubled times.

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