Christmas With You – The Graf – Botsford Experiment (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Some might say that it is a bit early to start thinking about Christmas, but perhaps with the way that this year has gone it is only natural to want to have something to look forward to. And anyway, Christmas With You is about more than just Christmas, it is about nothing less than love. Love for your partner, your family, your friends. It is about longing, it is about joyful reunion, it is about remembering the people who really matter in our lives and making sure that they know how you feel about them. I would argue that there is never a wrong time to celebrate such sentiments. Tell me I’m wrong?

And this simple but poignant message is driven home by the understated simplicity of the song. Essentially just a voice and a guitar, delicate chords and a simple point being made, what else does it need when the song is so effective?

And just like with Cuervo, the song which first brought this deft duo to my attention, they make a little go a long way, and it isn’t hard to hear the spirit of the likes of Van Morrison floating around in the background of the song, partially in the diction and delivery of the vocals but very much in the essence and style of the song. It isn’t everyday that a band pops up on the radar loaded with such classic comparisons but its great when they do.

A gorgeously sensitive and sentimental song and video to match, you can almost smell the pine needles and mulled wine floating through the air as it plays out. It’s been a tough year all round but this song reminds us that some things never change, so just remember to cherish the people who enrich your lives. It’s as simple as that. 

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