Must Admit – The Brilliance (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

That’s how you start a song. If you want to draw the listener in gradually, tease them with a few pre-song musical morsels, whip them up into a state of intrigue and anticipation before you have nearly started the song proper, then the first 30 or so seconds of Must Admit is a masterclass in the art of sonic fore-play! Beguiling choral sections, chiming piano, sweeping strings and compelling vocals take you gently by the hand and before you know it you are smitten.

It is only at the halfway point that things really get moving and it is the perfect point to do so, moving from a spacious, chamber-pop piece which wonderful echoes of Procul Harem’s Whiter Shade of Pale into strange, late era, album track Beatles territory. It is chiming and charming, evocative and understated, dreamlike and reflective. Those are not qualities that you find much in most pop music today, if indeed this is pop at all, but whatever genre you chose to label it, it is safe to say that it is a real gem. 

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