Million – Sonomaris (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I guess it is quite easy to spot where Sonomaris’ influences lie, nothing wrong with that, they know what they like and they want to make music in that vein. Million certainly oozes with the sound of the Pacific Northwest in the early nineties, even with the song driven by an acoustic guitar it is not hard to find parallels to the likes of Soundgarden or Pearl Jam but they are far from just pedlars of past sonic glories. There is a lot more going on than that.

The take the angst and earnestness of the Grunge sound, mix it with the fairly progressive approaches of the nu-metal scene which followed and even add some wonderfully up to date musical touches too. Million might be a song inspired by the past, to some degree, but the people who made it are definitely looking into the future.

They say that everything runs on about a 30 year cycle in music and so that means that era of music, that style, that sounds is about due for a re-evaluation by a new generation of music buyers. All Sonomaris are doing is making sure that they get to the party early and you can’t blame them for that.

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