Mother Earth, Father Earth – B Freed (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

I was, for a long time, concerned about the state of music. Not sonically speaking but that in these darkening and divided times it had lost its true voice. After all rock ’n’ roll, punk, hip-hop, grunge and most other important musical scenes grew out of disenchantment and frustration and if the state of the world today doesn’t seem to be ripe for such a new movement to burst forth then I didn’t know what it would take. Maybe this is happening, the Grime scene perhaps, and for many reasons it was not blipping on my radar. Thankfully B Freed ( and a clue is in the name as to the nature of his work) does blip and he has returned with another slice of consciousness jogging music and commentary.

As the track’s title implies, it is a plea to look at what we are doing to the planet, to come together and to change our ways before it is too late. As always the music is sonically rich and culturally diverse. It seems to run on a blend of Indian classical sounds, latin grooves, mass vocals and a fairly progressive approach to pop; employing staccato musical punctuation, subversive changes of pace and break downs which wander whole different spoken word pathways and smooth jazz guitar lines before reaching the song logical conclusions, both musically and lyrically.

We need songs to act as scores to the changes we need to make, smooth soundtracks to make us think and rabble rousing sing-alongs to inspire us. Somehow, Mother Earth, Father Earth seems to encapsulate both of those. It’s also like a James Lovelock book turned into song!

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