Angelia – Bobbo Byrnes (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

It’s probably a lazy reference from a journalist from the wrong side of the water but at that point when Angelia kicks in, I’m reminded of hearing Steve Earle for the first time. A rocker masquerading as a country player, a writer of great, accessible tunes in which were concealed some fine, heartfelt lyricism, a truck stop poet, a boy from the wrong side of the tracks changing the music world “on thirty-seven dollars and a jap guitar.”

Well, that was then and this is now and not much has changed. There is still the need for such people, people ploughing a musical furrow which can take in mass appeal and integrity too, who can write songs that are able to bother the charts and still stand up in the more discerning market with ease. Angelia is such a song and Bobbo Byrnes is such a writer. Earle is folk hermit these days, Petty is sadly playing tunes with Saint Peter and Springsteen can safely say that he has done his bit. The time is right for a new crop of players to keep the flame alive and I think I may have just found the man to carry the torch.

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