Modern Kunst – Mickey 9’s (reviewed by Marcus Kittridge)

Post-Covid, Post Punk, Post Funk, Post Hip, Post Hop pent up energy waiting for the nod, is what this record feels like.

A heady high energy mix of Latin, Funk, Punk that sounds like something that Shriekback would be making right now if they still had youth on their side.

Razor-sharp guitar punctuates big beats and hefty driving basslines. It’s a band and a sound that’s just waiting to be born.

I can hear this being plugged into the soundtrack for Trainspotting III.

Can equally imagine this band playing at full tilt in a big London Club with a big sound system. A secret after midnight gig with a dangerous mix of sharp-suited drug-addled city types, steampunks, 1980s crusties and a new and overdue youth tribe that is yet to be born. The gaunt body of Arthur Brown is aflame and being sacrificed on the high altar by a half man half goat priest as an army of M9 bots chant and frantically wave their pagan weaponry of choice.

And just when you think this wall of joyous sound will never yield to a softening of the edges, they finish the record with the track ‘Music’. This is the ultimate in gentle come down soundtracks. This track lands you safely back on terra firma. If they finished that imaginary gig with that song, all the disparate tribes would head off to the greatest chill out room on earth where unity and solidarity through music is king.

Loving bands that are vocally true to their geographic roots. This band have ebullience, character, direction, imagination and a fully developed artistic voice. Such fun!

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