Indigo Screams – Pennies By The Pound (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If Pennies By The Pound are regarded as makers of music which falls into the broadly progressive realm, Indigo Screams proves that it is prog with punch, prog with power, perhaps even prog with a pop-heart. Sure, it throws in a few dynamic twists and sonic turns to make the soundscape more interesting but the heart of the song is as melodic and infectious as the best pop, or at least the best alternative pop.

This first single from the soon to be released and wonderfully titled album Heat Death of the Universe is a reminder that progressive music is just that…progressive. It has to move with the times, be open to constant reinvention, able to shift shape and thwart expectations. And so it does…and then some.

So if the term “progressive” conjures images of keyboard players dressed as wizards and drum solos which seem to go on for a couple of months, then think again. Pennies By The Pound is a great example of a genre’s musical evolution and as a single, Indigo Screams is at turns, deep, textured, changeable, immediate and wonderfully groovesome.

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