Listening to Me and You fills the listener, the male ones at least, with the same conflicted feelings as when you first say Jessica Rabbit in the strange animated-live action classic, Who Killed Roger Rabbit? You know it is impossible, given that a song, like the aforementioned rabbit, doesn’t have a physical form, but at least consider what a relationship with it would be like. No? Just me, then.

Me and You is a song built on sensual sensations and sultry soulfulness. An adult anthem to adoration. A love letter to love…and lust. It takes the form of an R&B seductress that slowly evolves into a rock groover. Basslines pulse and out, beats are energetic and drive the song along and the guitars add poise and poignancy…and when needed, power.

It’s a great song; it is tasteful and wanders through lovely dynamic shifts as it evolves from gentle neo-soul-rock to euphoric, dance floor anthem. One hell of a journey, one hell of a song.

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