If it looks like the blues and sounds like the blues, it must be the blues. Right? Well, no. Not really. Sugar Lime Blue (a great name, by the way) may have a core bluesy sound, but it is all the other sonic trinkets and shiny musical hues that they collect, magpie-like along the way, that really makes their music much harder to categorise.

For a start, it grooves with rock and roll swagger. It drives on a funky feel without ever crossing the line fully into those pastures. Soulful licks underpin the main guitar thread and the solo heads into similarly svelt territory before breaking out the rock ‘n’ roll big guns to drive the song over the line.

On the surface, it might all sound pretty familiar, but when you listen, when you properly get your ear in, it isn’t the simplicity of blues-rock that you hear, but a more profound richness garnered from genres near and far.

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