Matters of The Heart – Shayne Cook (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Matters of The Heart is essentially the sound of inner turmoil put to a lush, 12-string-laced, acoustic waltz. It’s a song which seems to be built on collisions; for the artist one between the heart and head when it comes to making important life decisions, for the song a strange harmony between raw, intimate lyrics and gorgeous, lilting sonics, a dance of regret and reflection, change and challenge.

And for all its personal and questioning nature, it is a song which lands easy on the ear, its innate melancholy cloaked in chiming guitars and gentle beats, shimmering sonics and gently soaring vocals. Matters of The Heart has honesty writ large right across it, it is disarmingly intimate yet ultimately relatable.

It is a song which examines the human condition and reminds us that as much as we think of ourselves as individuals, walking our own paths through life, there is more which binds us together, the life is much more about the shared experience, especially emotionally, than we often care to admit.

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