Magic Coins –  Bromide (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Forget the coins of the title, the real magic at work here is Bromide’s ability to take an ultra-now drum and bass sound to act as the engine room of this single and then dress that up in the sound of a long forgotten late 80’s, US underground band. Two vibes that, on paper at least, feel as if they have no business hanging out together but which are twisted together into a gloriously future-nostalgic racket. The beats lend an urgency that was often missing from much of that stoner-college rock/post-punk indie scene but which manifested itself in the more magical moments of bands working along the Buffalo Tom /Husker Du axis of alternative awesomeness and doing so today both induces nostalgia and also points the way forward.

Always Now, which acts as its sonic travelling companion, is a denser and darker affair, powered by more claustrophobic guitars and skittering, scattering drums but no less great as a calling card which reminds us of the cyclical nature of music. Some music is all about looking back at halcyon days, some about seeking new direction and building the next musical scene. Bromide are both, it just depends on which musical ear you lean into them with first.

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