This tender little musical morsel has graced these pages before, in fact its was the first review of the year and it was easy to fall for its numerous musical charms, then as now. The delicate lilting grace, the line it walks between gentle honesty and a more tongue in cheek look at relationships and second chances, the softly wandering fiddle and the warm harmonies…what’s not to love?

And the reason for featuring the song again is because it now comes packaged with a lovely little video, one that switches between the song narrative and a live performance of Lucky Dog as an acoustic trio. Musical trivia fans should note that the live performance takes place in a room that main Dog David Schipper uses to host his Bluff View House Concert sessions and the storyline plays out at Pearl Street Brewing. As always a song with a great visual component always becomes more than the sum of its parts and that is exactly what is happening here, definitely a case of one and one making three…if not more.

As before the song holds up perfectly, and is a great reminder that love songs, romance and waxing lyrical about new relationships are not the exclusive bastion of the young and that songs such as this are actually the more honest commentary on finding the one…or even finding the next one, getting a second chance with the first one or whatever situation you might find yourself in.  Life is complex, relationships more so but sometimes you just need a simple mantra…and Don’t Screw it Up Again! seems like a good one to have.

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