Jude Gwynaire is an interesting chap. A self-taught musician and science-fiction author, and the maker of music which is impossible to pigeon-hole. He sounds like my sort of person. Made in Wuhan is a strange sonic slice of eastern sound forged into unusual dance-infused soundscapes via a riot of references. Tablas build primal rhythms, cymbals add exotic chime and charm and a wandering bass lines supply the groove. But all these traditional approaches are subverted by more modern sounds, electronic musical glue and futuristic sonic visions.

One of the great things about instrumental music, such as this, is that with only a title and a vibe to guide you, such songs can represent anything you want hem too. Obviously the titular city is the focus of much negative attention at the moment but I choose to see this piece as a celebration of all its many other charms and achievements. I may be wrong, I guess what you get out of such music is as much about the mind-set you bring to the music, as the music itself.

But is is a lovely track, beguiling and odd…odd is a compliment in my world, after all who wants normal and conformity…and a great splicing of occident and orient.

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