Adiós, Hola – Circo (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

For someone, like myself, new to the music of Circo, both trailing this new album and kicking it off with the soft and subtle sounds of La Tormenta was an interesting choice. I was going to say that the song isn’t that representative of the album but having spent a bit more time listening to Adiós, Hola, I quickly realised that no one song would be able to neatly sum up what the band are truly about.

Yes, they have a way with the softer, more balladic sonics, such as on Iluminar, which closes the album but between these two bookend songs you find all manner of genres and styles. Las Joyas embraces a dance-rock ethic mixing technological derived rhythms with rock dynamics, Te Descubrio la Suerte is a funky power-pop song and Tantos Anos is an out and out dance-floor groover, one which matches infectious beats with musical weight.

Thirteen years might seem a long time to wait for a new album, but Adiós, Hola is unlikely to disappoint both avid fans from the past and the new converts it will surely attract.

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