Lullaby –  The Two’s (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

When we talk about technology providing opportunities for musicians that wouldn’t haven’t been possible not so many years ago, we normally think of programmed tracks filling in the bit where the band would be or digital effects creating a backdrop for a solo artist to play against and the like. And whilst there is an element of this taking place here, what The Two’s do so well is play those effects boxes and triggered samples like instruments themselves, flicking switches, multi-tasking, turning things on and off…it’s as impressive to watch as many bands, more so than some I could mention.

Even without the inside into how they turn, technology into ghost musicians or a studio into a band, Lullaby is a gorgeous track, one filled with the sweeping majesty of the cello, weighted acoustic rock guitar rhythms, lush vocals and the over-all addictiveness of a song shot through with dark emotions and sultry sentiments. But as the video shows, on top of their own vocal and instrumental output, this wonderful manipulation of technology is impressive to say the least.

Countless bands lean heavily on digital opportunities which allows invisible musicians, if you like, but this is something else, this a duo who refuse to be limited by restrictions such as the number of actual people who happen to be in the line up and set about making each and every limb earn its money.

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