The thoroughly unique Mr Mooq has always covered a lot of sonic ground, from hazy West Coast vibes to jazzy deftness to exquisite, Day-Glo pop and seemingly everything in between. Are We Good? sees him working at the latter end of that spectrum, pushing some infectious pop vibes through a delicious electro-dance groove. As with most of the music he creates there is the echo of nostalgia ringing faintly in the background, in this case an eighties pop-rock feeling brought about by the fact that he manages to drive some lush and weighty guitar lines through the proceedings.

But there is nothing wrong with the odd sonic call back and this is just a timely  acknowledgement of times past or perhaps it is merely him showing a clever understanding of the cyclical nature of music and him looking to get ahead of the next retro wave. Either way it adds the perfect touch of familiarity to the song around which he hangs forward thinking electronica, deft breakdowns and well-wrought dynamics, anthemic vocals leading sing along choruses as well as the stadium guitars that add drama and drive.

It’s Mr Mooq doing what he does best, plundering the past to find the building blocks he needs to build music for the future. How smart is that? Very…the word you are looking for is very.

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  1. Thanks Dave for your generous review! From one artist to another, I truly enjoy your writing, you have a gift with words! Till next time!

  2. Hi Mr MooQ, thanks, interesting music deserves interesting reviews I guess, and as long as we all have our own little niches through which we create and hopefully inspire then the world can only become a more interesting place. Indeed, ’till next time sir.

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