It takes a brave soul to take on the classics. It takes a braver one to step into the shoes of the likes of Frank Sinatra. Kane Kalas is just such a soul. But it is his close affiliation with the subject of the song that gives him the strength to enter such realms. As a regular at the Las Vegas World Series of Poker, he knows something of the world of the gambler that the song takes as its theme.

And, although he doesn’t opt to radically rework the song, it does allow it to up its sonic game. This time out, the song is bigger and brasher, adding muscle to the melody and power to the poignancy as the big band treatment makes the song bigger, bolder, broader and brasher, sonically speaking.

Yes, you have to have the voice to tackle such material, and Kane Kalas certainly has that, but that is only part of it. Confidence is the key, and confidence, not to mention poise and perfection, is undoubtedly what oozes readily from this song.

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