It’s always great to be faced with music which doesn’t neatly fit into any one genre or another. Or, as is the case here, it manages to fit into too many. As soon as the song kicks off, your mind goes into overdrive. Is this a long-lost Prince track at his most out there? Has the spirit of funk possessed hip-hop? How can something so heavy on the dub fuelled beats and depth-charged bass lines simultaneously be so buoyant and full of bounce? It’s a mystery, but if making such unique music was easy, everyone would be doing it.

The brilliantly and slightly oddly named Ah Suckerpuss Delicious Lollipop Adventure is a riot of groove and day-glow sonic colours; it bridges the gap between urban sounds and mainstream infectiousness in a deft blend that you could be forgiven for thinking of as hip-pop.

Lyrically it raps and rolls, using everything from Princely pop vocals to De La Soul-style spoken word, deft lyrical salvos and heavenly harmony.

I’m unsure where it fits into the current musical landscape, but that marks its uniqueness. In a world where people are content to copy what has gone before, where other artists are happy to follow, KingZiLLa is the piper who calls the tune, the one who leads, the one who is so far ahead of the curve that said curve hides all those other artists who are busy playing catch-up.

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