Parla Chain is a London based music project with contributors all around the world. This explains a lot, not least of all that Love Spell is truly the sound of world music. And by this, I don’t mean the sort of thing that gets played at middle-class diner parties hosted by Geography lecturers as they discuss watching a Tibetan jazz band at WOMAD in 1997. This is music which sounds totally off the world…all of it.

It is the sound of eastern grooves crashing into western production, of primitive, almost tribal beats dancing with digital creations, of the past meeting the future, of cultures clashing, of minds meeting across creative endeavours, of geography being defeated, of the world becoming a small place.

It is soft and subtle, a lulling ebb and flow of meditative, oriental vibes and occidental, ambient electronica, it is slow and meticulous cocooning itself in all manner of tones and textures, sometimes shrugging one off in favour of another, at other times blending and assimilating to create whole new genres in their own right.

And the great thing is that it goes through these chameleon-like evolutionary processes seamlessly, blending from one thing to the next without ever showing the processes at work, never revealing the musical working out in the margins and never showing the musical joins.

Subtle, supple, graceful and gorgeous.

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