Although Love Sick Dream, the latest single from this rising LA multi-instrumentalist is woven from dream-like, pop vibes, almost feverish rhythms and intricate, tightly woven musical textures, the end result is the perfect, accessible and infectious, sun-soaked summer anthem. There is a trippy element to the layering here, guitars resonate and echo, reggae grooves blend with and bend around four/four beats and the whole thing is doused with a generous helping of spacey, psychedelic sparkle.

It’s pop for sure, but the great thing here is that it becomes clear that Daniel Halaby is a student of plenty of other genres and broader styles too. Whereas many of his contemporaries are happy to plunder and re-imagine grooves and moves from the tried and tested (and tired and tatty) pop playbook, Love Sick Dream exhibits a wide-ranging knowledge for music garnered from all genres and geographic locations. It is from this that he finds the myriad inspirations with which to cut his own musical cloth. The result being a sonic suit which is ear-catching, stylish, fresh and unique. Looking good sir!

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