Best Coast – Lauren Waller (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

As Best Coast comes crashing out of the speakers you can’t help but be struck by just how…well, now…it is. If you wanted a snap-shot of what pop is up to today, then this is definitely one vibrant and representative aspect of it. A heady mix of post-pop inventiveness, rapaciously rapped verses and slightly aloof lyrics, thunderous beats, R&B grooves and chiming electronica, Best Coast is both bang on the money and massively ahead of the curve. It must be cool to look in the rear view mirror and see the zeitgeist struggling to keep up with you.

But that is how inventive Lauren Waller is when it comes to writing songs. Not only is she saying exactly what she feels, no holds barred, she is also capturing the tone of the times, a slightly hedonistic, confident, you only live once sort of attitude, wrapped up in the perfect progressive pop package. Why go with the flow when swimming against the tide is much more exhilarating? Why re-invent the pop wheel when you can break sonic land speed records?

Or put it this way, who remembers the name of the second person to walk on the moon?

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