It might seem like a pretty obvious sentiment, one that has been the subject of songs since the birth of music. But, and this is the sad thing, it is a message that needs to be repeated in the modern age. As the storm clouds gather, as people become less tolerant and more entrenched in their views, people do need to be reminded that it is empathy, tolerance…love, that is the route to a better life, a better society, a better world, not the acquisition of material things, not money…not greed and isolation.

This sentiment is what lies at the heart of this latest track from Alias Wayne. And it is a simple and sweet message delivered via equally lovely music. His trademark soulful blend of roots music acts as the perfect, understated vehicle.

Love One Another is the most significant statement of intent yet the easiest to put into action. It’s a great song, as always, and again as is often the case, he has something poignant to say. Take heed, change the world!

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