I knew this would happen. I knew that somewhere amongst the holiday songs, Christmas crooning, festive singalongs, and seasonal sentiments, it wouldn’t take long before a band crashed the party with their spin on things. And I knew that it would probably be Bad Mary. Having heard their tongue-in-cheek and fun approach towards covering established songs before, I knew that they wouldn’t be able to pass up the chance to do Christmas music their way.

Following in the footsteps of The Greedies’ A Merry Jingle (a just-for-the-hell-of-it band featuring members of Thin Lizzy and The Sex Pistols), Bad Mary presents us with a suite of three well-known festive favourites, punked up, rocked out and generally not for the faint-hearted. Volume controls are at eleven, a foot is planted firmly on the monitor, and they fire off incendiary salvos of festive favourites delivered in a way that only they can.

Silent Night heads off into Motorhead territory with additional vocals that Sham 69 would have been proud of. Angels We Have Heard on High becomes a Ramones-style singalong, and Little Drummer Boy moves from the sentimental and sedate into the sort of territory that even the most staunch metallers would fear to tread unless armed to the teeth and wearing a bulletproof vest.

And what’s more, it’s bloody brilliant! So, if you are fed up with the usual festive frolics. Suppose the musical Christmas cheer has lost its edge if you want music that bites. You know what the answer is.

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