Love and Let Die – The Stone MG’s (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

They’re a funky bunch and no mistake. There is a sweet spot which sits equidistance from infectious punky funk, old-school, low slung rock ’n’ roll and soulful, bluesy grooviness. Some bands get glimpses of it, are perhaps lucky enough to wander close to it before losing their way, never to return. Some mange to find their way to maybe two out of three of those collision points, which as we all know…ain’t bad. And then there are the lucky ones, the hallowed few bands and artists who are astute enough to be able to find just the right mix of sonic styles and musical moves to find their way into such hallowed ground. When they do, they will find The Stone MG’s already sat there looking as smug as hell. And well they might.

It is easy to read the musical reference points used above and think, blues, rock, soul….all musical styles more associated with the past than the here-and-now… and so The Stone MG’s must be some gang of retro plunderers or past glory hunters. Wrong, wrong, wrong! In fact nothing could be further from the truth. For whilst all of the styles which they juggle have rich heritages, it is bands like this which are ensuring a bright future for such genres. I would also argue that the styles of music that they weave together are so iconic in their sound that songs such as Love and Let Die are neither deliberately looking to the past or consciously trying to update these sounds. In fact they are merely timeless, at home in any decade of the last 50 years and just as likely to be part of the story for the next 50. At least.

Love and Let Die is a rock song with the funkiest groove. Or it’s an industrial strength soul number. Or it is funk in plate armour. Or it is blues on a speed hit. Or…actually forget it. What it is is insignificant compared to what it does. And what it does is it rocks. It boogies, it struts and swaggers, it grooves and gyrates, it is a low-ridding sonic high, the sound of the paths of rock and soul and blues having gone their own ways many years ago, reuniting in a sonic orgy. It’s that hot. It’s the naughty!

Go on, you know that you want to…

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