Little Jack – Post Louis (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

28828244_811518482376428_5482781703086017456_o.jpgYou have to love a song which comes at you like a hushed, late night slice of soulful indie and then turns on you, rushing you like a jagged, angular, snarling musical beast. Even when the songs goes through the calmer moments, you can never quite relax in its company after that, knowing what it is capable of and never quite feeling comfortable in its company.

But there is beauty in the beast and Post Louis’ ability to move from soothing to searing, from smooth to serrated and from soulful to seismic at a turn is the majesty of the song. It takes in indie groove, post-rock indulgences, warped R&B, mutated pop and even collapses into demented brass blasts for its last breath. I have no idea what is going on here, I only know that I love it.

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