Life in The Tropics – Cienfue (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Pop music, dance music, electronica and similar genres are often seen as places where music seems to follow more obvious and less experimental lines. But of course the originality of any music is all to do with the creative mind of the artist behind it rather than the genre it seems to cloak itself in. Cienfue is all the proof you need to back this up. For whilst he certainly works with such genres, as well as plenty of Latin grooves and island vibes, there is nothing predictable or conformist about the results he gets from the music he blends.

Sure, at the one extreme the music wanders some mainstream paths, On The Back Of Your Neck feeling like the most popular dance floor filler of the summer…not this summer obviously but you can’t blame him for that. At the other he conjures psychedelic-tinged, chilled, alternative dance anthems such as Opens Her Eyes. There is room for beat-driven, alternative pop such as Sunset Sesh, latin dance shuffles as in Is Anybody Anybody? and even the light and infections indie-rock of Shining in The Dark.

Even if you consider yourself up to speed with the latest pop and dance sounds, Life In The Tropics is going to open your ears to plenty of new moves and grooves, especially if you come from a western perspective. And if pop and dance music isn’t really to your tastes, this is the album which will make you change your mind. Guaranteed.

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