Given Nelson King’s usual rate of output, I was thinking of sending out a search party, having not had anything by him land in the in-box for quite a while, but thankfully Life Ain’t No Movie Show turned up as if to assure me that he is still very much in the game. Though its all relative I guess as even with this recent breathing space he would still finish in medal position compared with today’s average artist.

Anyway, by now anything new from Nelson King is pretty much preaching to the converted as far as I’m concerned being that he taps into so many sounds and styles that lie entrenched in my own musical psyche. Even with the washes and waves of keyboards that frame the music, what lies at its heart touches on acts like The Stones, The Dog’s D’Amour, even Dylan and Neil Young, a musical meeting place where blues turned into modern rock, where folk turned into alternative pop, and where past glories are revelled in, redefined and propelled into the future,

Life Ain’t No Movie Show has that louche and loose signature sound, one that only comes from being a deft and dexterous guitarist but choosing not to give away all the goods at once, of understanding the capabilities of a recording studio but remembering that less is more. The result is a song that is driven from timeless influences but which is all about the here and now but after all that is pretty much what he has always been content to do.

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