Junkyard –  Shreya Preeti (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

If pop music seems to have become a sonic painting by numbers production line more concerned with appealing to comfort zones and pre-conceptions of late, then we have to thank the gods of music for artists like Shreya Preeti. But it isn’t that she is making pop music that sits at a generic extreme or that she is splicing new sounds together in some genre-hopping experiment, far from it.

As Junkyard proves, she has an infectious, commercial sound that sits right at the heart of what pop music should be about, its just that somehow she breathes into it integrity, a robust nature and a maturity lacking in most of her contemporaries. The end result is music that is somehow more solid, full of longevity, deeper, more expansive, which is just…well, just more. More being an undefined factor or possibly even an extra-dimension.

Perhaps the secret is that although this is definitely pop music it takes the merest hints of rock muscle, indie cool and dance infectiousness to shore up its pop credentials and creates something that seems to sit to one side of the pop musical heartland but is actually the exception which proves the rule, a bacon to what has been lost somewhere along the way in the race for the pop dollar. The fact that all mainstream pop music doesn’t echo with the same swagger and attitude, sure-footedness and credibility that Shreya Preeti’s creations do shows just how far off the (dance-) beaten track the genre has wandered. 

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