Leave Me In Pieces  –  Camens (reviewed by Dave Franklin)

Camens certainly know their way around an indie anthem. But we knew that didn’t we. And Leave Me In Pieces shows that they haven’t lost their touch. So confident are they of where they are going with this that they don’t even bother waiting for the chorus to do the big stadium, go for broke, vibe, it’s there from the start. So when the chorus does come around there is only one place that you can take things…stratospheric… and they do.

But it isn’t all sky-scraping guitar work, they manage to weave these power chords and chiming riffs into fantastic melodies, the vocals bounce along the top and the verses punch rather than chug, chop as well as drive. And when they want to clear the air they manage to take things right down to the most minimal of breaks which just ramps up the tension. 

Listen to this song without imagining the end of a festival, the sun going down behind the stage and 30,000 indie kids, arms skyward, bopping and boogying, singing along to every word and punching the air in all the right places. You can’t can you?

Leave Me In Pieces is a great summer song, one that proves that it is possible to be both big and clever! Who knew?

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