Christmas? Meh! Covers? Not so much. Christmas covers? Come on!!! But as I always say if you are going to cover a song, do something new with it and that’s what Siamese Youth has done here. Okay, I’ll drop the grumpy old music hack schtick for a minute or two, or four and half even, and give the song the credit it’s due.

They have taken the slickest of 80’s songs and given it a slick 80’s sound. But a different sound. They have rendered it into their trademark gorgeous and textured synthwave sound which somehow gives it a new lease of life whilst making it sound still very much of the era. And the result is almost like Ultravox remixing Wham!’s finest moment. If we are going down the route of Christmas covers then this is perhaps the way to do it.

It still sounds very familiar, will still appeal to those enough to remember the 80’s and also to those who just want something to dance around to at the Christmas party. More importantly it will still have some currency with the modern movers and shakers. Perhaps that currency is slightly ironic and tongue in cheek but why not? After all, it is Christmas, I know it is as I have just watched Alan Rickman plummet down the side of the Nakatomi Plaza!

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