Even when you are making quite extreme music, and Brasher certainly does that, melody is still king. It’s where metal bands always seem to get it wrong. It’s all very well being the heaviest, loudest, fastest, most technical but if there is no hook to draw the listener in then you might as well be listening to a road drill. Probably a seven string one made by Jackson Guitars! What Brasher get so right is that amongst the raw vocal stabs, the surprisingly supple bass lines, the blistering guitars and the thundering drums, there are more hooks than a Peter Pan convention!

Right from opening salvo of Fuck Shades (how very punk!) the guitars and vocals are working their magic. They may land on you like a ton of bricks but the particular sound of that falling sonic masonry is something that you could listen too all day long. And from there they confound and compel in equal measure skirting so many underground and outfield styles but never committing to any one, just taking what they need and using it to forge their sound.

Six Foot Biscuit, yeah, the titles show the inherent sense of humour, is a cavernous slice of grunge infested blues, like Nirvana falling off of a cliff and landing on The Birthday Party…or perhaps the other way around. Two Foot Mullet warps straight forward garage rock into a sonic death dirge disco….I don’t know what that means either but it sounds like the sort of thing a journalist would say…and Fin De Merde is as funky as hell, all skittering beats and bastard blues, overdriven, pummelled into new shapes turned up to twelve!

So it’s punk, its blues, its heavy rock, it’s grunge, its…anything you want it to be really. All the things that make the underground cool, the outside track edgy and the garage band ethic the only one to subscribe to. Come for the strange titles, stay for the crazy music!

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