As the title suggests, a timeless sentiment described in modern language, Kill 4 U Die 4 U is a song about utmost dedication and unreserved love. It is also a gorgeously crafted song, one where VRL, or more properly Valerie Rose Lohman, blends her crystalline vocals with shimmering sonics.

The song rises up from gently impassioned understatement into a maelstrom of love, the vocals and music gradually increasing in intensity and before you realise it, you are surrounded by something of epic proportions.

It’s a pop song sporting the grandiose trappings of a more rock sound and it is this collision of worlds, the infectiousness and accessibility of the one coupled with the weight and resonance of the other which creates the perfect sweet spot between the two genres. Kill 4 U Die 4 U is the sound of pop music being outgunned and rock music outsmarted, it’s as simple as that.

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